Chapel of Old Add-Ran

Did you know? Before TCU​’s Robert Carr Chapel, there was “Chapel of Old Add-Ran” located in Waco, TX, where TCU’s campus used to be located. This picture (from TCU Library​ archives) was taken in 1905; 5 years before the Waco campus burned & was moved to Fort Worth, Texas​. Hanging on the chapel wall are pictures of TCU’s founders, Addison, Randolph, & Joeseph Addison Clark.

85817_1416- 1905 Chapel of Old Add-Ran; pictures of Addison, Randolph, and Joseph Addison Clark hanging on wall

Holding Rooms

A frequent question we get is- what are the holding rooms like? Here are some pictures, thanks to Arden Prucha Photography​, Braden Harris Photography​, Cornfield Photography​, Jim Byrd Photography​, & Lightly Photography​. The holding rooms are simply classrooms that connect to the chapel, in Moore Hall. We put up a few mirrors, provide water bottles, emergency kits, magazines, & leave the rest up to you. You can see in the pictures that some bridal parties choose to bring games & food. However, most parties don’t have time for games & food because they are running around, taking pictures, getting ready, & prepping for the ceremony!

Interesting (approximate) fact- about 98% of all bridal parties come already dressed, with the exception of the bride slipping on her dress. Most go straight into pictures in an effort to make the most of their time frame.

One room is upstairs & one is downstairs. Most often, the women choose the upstairs room because it is twice the size; despite, there is no elevator. It doesn’t matter to us who uses which room; you are welcome them to use as you wish! There is a bathroom & water fountain next to each holding room.

You are welcome to view the holding rooms beforehand by making an appointment to tour, via Drop-ins are not permitted, due to classes taking place. However, a tour is not required because the RCC coordinator shows the entire bridal party the rooms at the Friday night rehearsal. We hope these pictures help give you a visual of the holding rooms…

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We had a great time at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas​ for the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners​ Vendi Awards!

awards ceremony 2015 awards ceremony 2015- 1 awards ceremony 2015 -2 award ceremony 2015

Excited to see a couple of our brides/grooms in The Brides of North Texas magazine! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Fescenmeyer & Mrs. & Mrs. Williams!

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