Campus Portraits

Where are good places to take wedding pictures around campus? This engagement shoot shows popular campus spots to take photos- Photos by Vanja Photography.
Now, through the end of the year, TCU has a 40 foot tall Christmas tree in the commons, which makes for good pictures, as well-

Do you have an AWESOME photo of Robert Carr Chapel? We want to see it! Send your favorite RCC photo to with the photographer’s credit for a chance to appear in our promotional materials! It can be anything- weddings, campus events, vintage, historical, you name it. If you think it’s a good shot, we want to see; so send it our way today!

Robert Carr Chapel

Robert Carr Chapel

Fun fact Friday- “The only totally candlelight wedding to occur at Robert Carr Chapel came during a power failure on the east side of campus in the 1980s. Emmet Smith ’54, then university organist, announced the bride by doing what?

a) Blowing on a pipe detached from the organ
b) Humming the ‘Bridal Chorus’ from ‘Lohengrin’
c) Ringing a hand bell
d) Whistling ‘Cannon in D Major’ by Pachelbel”

Trivia compliments of TCU Magazine​ ’07. Leave your answer in the comment section below…

Last week, I (Kayli), had the pleasure of meeting & talking with Ed McMahon, who served as Wedding Coordinator of Robert Carr Chapel for 23 years (1982-2005)! Ed shared some fun stories & spoke of how hard it was coordinating weddings without email, cell phones, & no land line in the chapel- what a challenge! He also shared some statistical data. The 1st year we opened (1954) we held 6 weddings. In the 80’s, we averaged about 60 weddings/year; in the 90’s, about 80 weddings/year; in 2000’s about 100 weddings/year. Ed currently teaches in the TCU Religion Department. Thanks, Ed, for your service to TCU – Texas Christian University

Congrats to Amy & Juan, who wed Sunday, June 14, 2015!

When reflecting upon their union, the couple said, “Marriage is a beautiful gift designed by the Lord & we will continue to keep Jesus at the center of our relationship. Ephesians 5:31 ‘For this reason a man will leave his father & mother & be united to his wife, & the 2 will become 1 flesh.'”

When reflecting upon their ceremony, the bride said, “The chapel was gorgeous and did not disappoint! Thank you, Kayli, for making our wedding ceremony run smoothly! Thank you for your prompt communication too during the planning process!”

Photos by Emmanuel van Hulst Photography​.

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