Congrats to Amy & Juan, who wed Sunday, June 14, 2015!

When reflecting upon their union, the couple said, “Marriage is a beautiful gift designed by the Lord & we will continue to keep Jesus at the center of our relationship. Ephesians 5:31 ‘For this reason a man will leave his father & mother & be united to his wife, & the 2 will become 1 flesh.'”

When reflecting upon their ceremony, the bride said, “The chapel was gorgeous and did not disappoint! Thank you, Kayli, for making our wedding ceremony run smoothly! Thank you for your prompt communication too during the planning process!”

Photos by Emmanuel van Hulst Photography​.

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Congrats to Ally & Nathan, who wed 6-13-15! When talking about their chapel experience, the mother of the bride said, “We were so pleased at the way everything turned out at the chapel! Y’all were a dream to work with! What beautiful memories I will have forever! Thank you for everything!”

When talking about their love story, the bride said, “Nathan & I met 15 years ago, in the 7th grade. We remained friends ever since. After college, we fell for each other. A year & a half later, we were engaged & a year and a half later, we are getting married!”

Photos by Stephanie Brazzle Photography​.

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10 Reasons why Robert Carr is the best place for your wedding:

1. You can have your #wedding for as little as $700! That price includes a Friday night rehearsal, Saturday or Sunday wedding, a sound technician, & coordinator for both days!

2. ANYONE can wed here. Because #TCU is affiliated with #DisciplesofChrist, we welcome everyone & anyone. All religions, faiths, non-faiths, mixed-faiths, same-sex marriages, etc.

3. You get to bring in your own officiant or we can help you find one. You are NOT required to use ours.

4. No member/congregation fees! We actually don’t even have a congregation to belong to in the first place.

5. Despite rumors, you do NOT have to book your #FreshmanYear or 4 years in advance. We don’t even take reservations more than 2 years out! We can host up to 5 weddings in 1 weekend & it’s rare that we fill all 5 slots.

6. It’s a #TCU tradition, but also very popular amongst non-TCU folks. We had one weekend that ironically hosted 3 #Aggie weddings!

7. Robert Carr Chapel is a historic landmark for #FortWorth. Built in 1953, we’re celebrating 61 years of marriage (1st wedding was not until 1954).

8. Have you heard our #organ?! With 2,400 pipes, it is sure to make a lasting impression! We also have a beautiful #piano & stunning carillon bells.

9. The chapel is so breath-taking on it’s own that you don’t need to bring in any décor! …unless you want to, of course.

10. Yes, we host weddings on home #TCUfootball game days.

Email or call 817-257-7831 for a site tour & more information!

#GoFrogs #TCUtradition #FortWorthWedding #Chapel photo by Tracy Autem Photography​


Congrats to Amy & Juan, who wed Sunday, June 14th! They wore their Mr. & Mrs. t-shirts as they climbed Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia!

stone mountain, ga (Amy & Juan, 6-18-15)