Congrats to Amy & Juan, who wed Sunday, June 14th! They wore their Mr. & Mrs. t-shirts as they climbed Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia!

stone mountain, ga (Amy & Juan, 6-18-15)

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Family & VIP Seatings

A message to brides/grooms regarding the seating of family & VIP guests:

Your RCC coordinator will send people down the aisle just as you have listed them on the info sheet you turn into us.

If you are reserving pews, we suggest either putting a ribbon, flowers, or card that says “reserved” on the pews, so ushers know not to seat people there. Or better yet, list on the card who it is reserved for! If you do not give ushers specific instructions, they will seat people wherever. A few weekends ago, I had to ask guests to leave the 1st & 2nd pews & find seats elsewhere because the ushers did not listen to instructions that the 1st & 2nd pews were reserved for family & there was no marker there to remind the ushers. I was glad I caught the mistake before the processional happened, otherwise it would’ve been very awkward when family processed down the aisle & had nowhere to sit! It helps if ushers attend the rehearsal to receive instructions because the day of, they are focused on helping out with other things & oftentimes get distracted when catching up with old friends/family members they haven’t seen in awhile.

In the picture below, you can see how they marked off the reserved pews with flowers…

Tracy Autem Photography 2014

However, in the picture below, ALL the pews were marked with flowers. So let’s hope the ushers really listened to instructions!

flower girl and ring barrer

Furthermore, we suggest telling family members where you want them to sit. Otherwise they will not know & the coordinator has no idea who the VIP people are, what they look like, etc. so it’s impossible for us to pull VIP guests aside & inform them the day of (not to mention all the other things the coordinator is taking care of as guests are entering).

In one wedding, years ago, a mother was very upset because she had reserved 5 rows on each side for family, but no one sat there. She felt insulted that none of the family sat there & their pictures turned out with empty pews. She did not understand that if you do not tell people that certain pews are reserved for them, they’re going to sit anywhere they please. It wasn’t a matter of insult, but a matter of them not knowing. As the coordinator, if those people do not attend the rehearsal, we have no way of relaying the information to them because again, we do not know what these family members look like, nor their names, contact info, relation to the bride/groom, etc.

Hope this helps when planning out your family seatings!

Common ‪#‎TCU‬ chapel myth #2: You must book the #chapel your freshman year at TCU​. FALSE. We actually do not book more than 2 years out!