Congrats to John & Lisa!

The bride told us their story- “Lisa and John met fall 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas, and John took Lisa out on their first date Friday, September 13th! Fortunately, the unlucky date turned out to be good fortune for the couple. They went to Eddie V’s Prime Seafood for dinner and had so much fun they continued to the Scat Jazz Lounge in Sundance Square to listen to jazz music. They had a lovely time, were smitten with each other, and the rest, as they say is history!

After two years of dating and falling in love, John and Lisa knew they wanted a future together. John surprised Lisa with a trip to the Caribbean that fall, where he told her he loved her and was going to marry her. Lisa suspected John might propose around Christmas, but on October 15, 2015, after dinner, John surprised Lisa by proposing at his home, a year from when they planned to get married! The couple was so happy to have their wedding in the city where they met and fell in love, and Lisa was beyond excited to find the Robert Carr Chapel that resembled the chapel her parents were married in 32 years ago. After a perfect wedding day on October 15, 2016, John and Lisa are excited to start the next phase of their lives together as joyful newlyweds!” Photos by Lightly Photography.

Lisa and John – First Look and Wedding Ceremony


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