Happy 1 year anniversary!

This beautiful wedding happened over a year ago, but just now published in The Brides of North Texas’ spring/summer 2014 magazine. Photos by Tracy Autem Photography. Happy belated 1 year anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Young!


Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Pent!

The couple met at Christ Chapel Bible Church while the bride was attending TCU. The groom was volunteering in Christ Chapel’s college ministry, when they met & became friends. Years later they began dating & on May 25th, they tied the knot at RCC! Thanks to Arden Prucha Photography for sharing the pictures.


Tips for making the most of your time 3 hour chapel time frame:

1. Come already dressed, so you can go straight into pictures.
2. Either don’t have a lot of chapel décor (the chapel is so beautiful on its own) or have a team (family, friends, or florist) ready to decorate, set up, & tear down for you. Same goes for the dressing rooms. A lot of times people will have a designated person (usually an usher, aunt, uncle, or cousin) that helps with clearing the rooms afterwards, while the bridal party is taking pictures. Both the chapel & dressing rooms must be cleared & look as they were when you arrived.
3. Let your officiant, photographer, florist, bridal party, coordinator all know your desired timeline. Granted, things will happen & won’t go exactly according to plan, but it’s good to at least have an idea of how you want things to run.
4. Create a plan with your photographer to know which pictures you want to take.
5. Create a timeline with your officiant to know how long you want the ceremony to be & how you want the ceremony to run. Note that having a lot of readers, singers, unity candle, unity cross, unity sand, unity knot, etc. takes extra time.
6. Doing a receiving line (thanking each guest 1 by 1, as they exit) or doing a getaway picture with everyone lined up outside of the chapel, takes up a lot of time. If these things are desired, I suggest either saving them for the reception or allowing for enough time (shorter ceremony, fewer pictures, etc).
7. You can see a typical day of timeline by clicking here (under #32)- http://www.chapel.tcu.edu/FAQ.pdf

Hope this helps you to make the most of your chapel time frame!


Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Sims!

Stunning picutres from the Sims wedding, compliments of Crystal Williamson Photography. This wedding was a 2nd generation RCC wedding, as the bride’s parents were married here 36 years ago! #FamilyTradition